Homeschooling in Arkansas

BELIEVERS Homeschool Association
The purpose of this association shall be to advance the interests of Christian home educators by all lawful means. This includes, but is not limited to, providing support and assistance to members who are educating children at home, disseminating legislative and other information affecting the rights of parents to direct the education and upbringing of their children, participating in sponsorship of conventions and educational seminars for teaching parents, and public relation activities with state and federal officials. Although we are not evangelistic in nature, we endeavor to be salt and light to the home educating community at large.

Cabot Area Home Educators, CAHE
We are a Christian support/activity group for home school families in and around the Cabot area. We have activities, meetings and field trips throughout the school year. Some of our activities include: Swimming, Skating, Gymnastics, Bowling, and Park Days.

Central AR Homeschoolers
Central AR Homeschoolers was established to provide support and a close knit community for homeschooling families in the central Arkansas area. We welcome all homeschooling families of any race, religion, or the type of home education you choose for your family. Most of our membership includes the towns up Hwy 67/167, but we aren't limited to that area. Our group also serves as a main communication line to set-up play dates, field trips, educational events, momsí nights, or any adventure the members host.

Eclectic Teaching Consortium of North West Arkansas, ETCNWA
ETCNWA functions as a support system for Christian home educators who strive to implement non-traditional teaching methods. Our commitment to the Christian faith and a life style in keeping with Biblical principles is the foundation of ETC. We each aspire to prayerfully disciple our own children as the Lord directs us and in a manner that takes into account the dynamics of our individual families, our unique gifts and talents, our personal convictions, our children's strengths and weaknesses, and our goals for which we aim to train our children. These eclectic, non-traditional teaching methods distinguish us from the homeschooling community at large. We welcome new homeschoolers and experienced homeschoolers exploring non-traditional teaching methods.

Home Educated & Righteously Trained - H.E.A.R.T.
H.E.A.R.T. is a homeschool support group that serves El Dorado, Arkansas and the surrounding areas. We have approximately 47 families in our group.

Home Educators of Greater Little Rock
A local support group for Little Rock area homeschoolers. Currently, our group is made up of about 450 families and over 1,000 homeschooled students. We are the largest local homeschool group in Arkansas.

Homeschool Friends Network, HSFN
A Christian-based homeschool support & activity group based in Arkansas serving cities, towns and surrounding communities in the Greater Fort Smith Area or Western Arkansas River Valley Region and Eastern Oklahoma Area including but not limited to: Fort Smith, Van Buren, Greenwood, Hackett, Bonanza, Lavaca, Central City, Branch, Mansfield, Barling, Mountainburg, Chester, Rudy, Natural Dam, Uniontown, Charleston, Alma, Huntington, Booneville, Midland, Hartford, Cedarville, Dyer, Mulberry, Ozark in Arkansas; and Pocola, Spiro, Arkoma, Poteau, Shady Point, Dora, Moffett, Roland, Muldrow, Sallisaw, Cameron, Rock Island in Oklahoma. Those counties involved in Arkansas are Sebastian, Crawford, Logan and Franklin. Those counties involved in Oklahoma are: Leflore, Sequoyah.

Northeast Arkansas Christian Home Educators, CHE
CHE is comprised of approximately 150 families across NE Arkansas and SE Missouri who have come together to support and encourage one another as we seek to educate our children at home from a distinctly Christian perspective. We do so in part by providing student activities, corporate educational opportunities and forums designed to encourage those facing the practical challenges of home education. Additionally, we seek to raise awareness of legal and political issues affecting home educators. Our hope is that as iron sharpens iron, we will sharpen one another for the task of raising and educating our children to live for the glory of God.

Northwest Arkansas Christian Home Educators Association, NWACHEA
NWACHEA exists to provide information, encouragement, and support for parents who choose to educate their children at home.

Texarkana Educators Association of Christian Homeschoolers, TEACH
The purpose of TEACH is to be a cooperative resource group for Christian homeschooling families in our local area. Together we provide for one another Christian support and fellowship, additional educational opportunities, resource and curricula information, political and legal action updates, as well as group activities, field trips, and opportunities for parental interaction.

Arkansas Home Educators
ARkansas HOMe Educators (ARHOME) is for Arkansas homeschoolers to share information about homeschooling and about legislation in Arkansas that affects homeschooling.

Arkansas Homeschool Group
This is a mailing list for people who home schooling or are thinking of homeschooling in Arkansas. Kids and Parents alike!

Arkansas Home School News
This is the place to find out "What's Going On In Arkansas For Homeschoolers". This group is for all homeschooling families in Arkansas and surrounding states.

Arkansas Unschoolers
This group is for people who live in Arkansas or nearby who use the "unschooling" philosophy to homeschooling their children. This group will be used to provide support to each other, make connections with each other and attempt to help provide answers to those who have question about unschooling.

Christian Home Educators in White County, AR, CHEW
We are open to anyone joining this group. This is the place for posting upcoming meetings, field trips, classes offered, books for sale or wanted, prayer requests and any announcements for the group.

Christian Home Educators in White County, AR Chat, ChewChat
Christian Home Educators of White County's(Arkansas) chat and discussion group. Come join us for all kinds of discussion and chit chat.

Clark County Christian Home School Organization, C3HSO
This group exists to provide information, encouragement, and support for parents who choose to educate their children at home. It is a parent run group operated through a monthly newsletter and this e-mail loop.

FAITH Homeschool Group
Information and Encouragement for Fort Smith, Arkansas, Area Homeschoolers.

Forth Smith Area - Learning Is For Everyone, FSA LIFE
an inclusive, secular, & co-creative support group for local homeschoolers. We currently meet weekly for a play date (for parents & kids, alike!). As there is interest, we can offer field trips & educational programs, parties, clubs, game dates, bowling dates, Teacher's Night Out, & more!

Growing Minds in White County, AR
Growing Minds is an all inclusive homeschooling group in White County Arkansas. All people are welcome, regardless of race or religion. We strive to offer lots of activities for homeschoolers in Searcy/White County area. So far we have in place: bowling, skating, park days, field trips, mom's days outs, and more! We hope you join us!

Harrison Homeschoolers
A home school site for people in the Harrison, Arkansas, area.

Homeschooling in Northwest Arkansas
Primarily for homeschoolers in Northwest Arkansas, but open to everyone. For sharing of teaching ideas, tips, problems, accomplishments, etc. We have one rule: please do not post religious or political posts.

Live and Learn Activity Mailing List
Live and Learn is an inclusive support group for Central Arkansas homeschoolers. We welcome all homeschoolers, regardless of race, religion, gender or educational philosophy. We are a homeschooling community group consisting of approximately 170 families from the Central Arkansas area.

North Arkansas Christian Homeschool Organization, N.A.C.H.O.
This group is a communication list for homeschooling families in North-Central Arkansas and centrally located in Independence County.

NW Arkansas Secular Home Schooling
A forum for Northwest Arkansas residents homeschooling for nonreligious reasons. Anyone is welcome to join, regardless of if s/he is or is not religious, personally, or attends or doesn't attend a church, as long as one's reasons for homeschooling are fully secular (non-religious) and not about moderating family exposure to environments, learning, or peers not adhering to a particular religious perspective.

Unschoolers of the Ozarks
This group is for radical unschoolers (and people who want to be) who live in Northwest Arkansas. Homeschoolers who use methods common in schools, such as math drills, spelling lists and field trips only on Fridays will not feel welcome here. If you "unschool, except for math", come hang out with us. You might just find yourself letting that go, too. Of course, anyone willing to wear an "Unskooled Sins Berth" t-shirt to homeschool testing day is someone we'd like to meet!

Arkansas Virtual School
10802 Executive Center Drive, Suite 205
Little Rock, AR 72211
Phone: 866-339-4952
Fax: 501-664-4226
A public virtual school program, sponsored by the Arkansas Department of Education through a federal grant under the Voluntary Public School Choice program, that blends innovative new instructional technology with a traditional curriculum for students all across Arkansas.

Benton County School of the Arts
2005 S. 12th Street
Rogers, AR 72758
Phone: 479.636.2272
Fax: 479.636.5447

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