Back To School - 7 Reasons To Unschool A 12 Year Old With Style
by Kenton Verhoeff

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Have you ever wondered what happens to kids when they sit through long hours of class room time listening to a teacher and wishing they could just learn something and get it over with so they could go play?

Itís summer time here and kids are already going back to school, class time. I thought about that and decided Iím glad I home school. My class room is still part outside, and I donít have to spend a lot of time sitting at my desk yet. I still learn a lot.

#1 Reason to Unschool

Horticulture is a lesson. We planted a garden this year and I spend part of every day learning about green growing things, harvesting tomatoes, beans and squash. I learned about container gardening this summer. I grew tomatoes in containers with peppers, marigolds and beans.

#2 Reason to Unschool

My English lesson this week included selling my book at a Writer Conference in my hometown with twelve other writers. I learned in about six hours how to market my book, how to write a query letter to a publisher, and how to research genealogy to write a creative non-fiction book.

#3 Reason to Unschool

Math included figuring taxes, shipping costs, and adding up long tallies of numbers whenever I sold a book. I also had to count the money, keep track of my change, and know how to make change when people paid me. (I have to count back the change, because I donít have a calculator.)

#4 Reason to Unschool

The Librarian spent two hours teaching us to use the internet in combination with the library resources to research ancestry and history on the computer. I learned where to search for information about my ancestors and how to read the census reports.

#5 Reason to Unschool

I learned about the history of a bank robbery where a fingerprint was used for the first time to convict a killer of his crime. I learned how sometimes what appears to be the truth in an investigation isnít true at all, because the facts can be manipulated to appear different than they are.

#6 Reason to Unschool

When I get tired of studying and need to run off some energy, I donít have to wait for recess. I just go run for a few minutes. If Iím too busy studying to take a break, I just study until Iím done and then go take recess.

#7 Reason to Unschool

I can literally choose what I do for blocks of time, and when Iím done, I can study or do something else. I get to finish what I start before I have to move on to other projects. If I get tired, I can change projects and do something different and come back to what I was doing later.

Kenton Verhoeff is 12 years old. He has unschooled for 12 years, and lists among his accomplishments ďpublished authorĒ. Visit his website at to find out more about his home school choices.

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