Creative Journal Writing
by Karole Dolen-Proffit

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Learn all about creative journal writing for children; how to create a personalized journal, and inspire a child's creativity. Keeping a journal is a fun way for children to practice their creative writing skills. Journals are used to record anything from the day's events, to feelings and thoughts, to stories and poems. A child can write freely about whatever is on their mind without worrying about having perfect spelling or great penmanship.

Journals can be purchased from most stores, and come in many different sizes and styles to match your child's unique personality. Another option is to make the journal from scratch. Some blank lined or unlined paper is all that's really needed to get started, but your child might also want to decorate it with crayons, markers, colored pencils, glue and glitter, stickers, or anything else that will make their journal special. Secure the pages with staples, tape, ribbon, or by simply folding the pages in half. Once a journal has been purchased or created, the writing fun can begin!!

Children should be encouraged to write about anything they want, and be assured that no one will read or look through their journal without permission. Younger children can draw, paste pictures from their favorite magazines, or they can even use it to hold a treasured leaf collection. Older children can use their journals for creating new stories and adventures, to work out daily frustrations, or to simply record random daily memories. The sky is the limit!

Some children may have trouble, especially in the beginning, coming up with things to write about. A writing prompt can be a great starting point. Here are some examples of writing prompts:

-What was the best/coolest/most fun thing that happened today?
-What is your favorite TV show?
-What are you planning to do next weekend?
-What is your favorite game to play, and why?
-Write about your favorite movie.
-What did you dream about last night?
-Which sport, if any, do you like to play?
-What makes you smile? Laugh?
-What is your favorite food, and why?
-What do you want to be when you grow up?
-Describe your perfect day.
-Write about your favorite pet.
-Make up silly jokes and write them down.
-Write a short story about going to the fair.
-Write about a person you look up to.

You can use these prompts, or make up your own. Put each of prompt on a separate slip of paper, fold the paper in half, and place all of them inside a jar or other similar container. Another idea is to cut out interesting pictures from old magazines (no words), and place them inside the same container. Your child can then write a story or poem to match each picture. With writing prompts and pictures available, they will never have to worry about not having anything to write about.

One very important thing to remember is that journal writing for children is a fun and creative process that should never be forced. Once rules and regulations are implemented, it will no longer be an activity done for fun and enjoyment. Of course, there will be days where little or no writing happens, as well as days when several pages will be filled. Don't worry about the amount of time your child spends writing in their journal, because every word, sketch, and scribble will be a treasured memory for years to come.

About The Author: Karole Dolen-Proffit is a website designer and freelance writer from Northern California. In addition to being a blessed member of a proud unschooling family, she runs several websites including, Your Go 2 Girl, BaaadMedia!, and

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