Homeschooling in Delaware

Brevard Homeschoolers
An active group of homeschooling parents in Brevard County, Florida, offers friendship; support and encouragement; field trips; and book club ordering. We welcome ALL homeschoolers in Brevard County, regardless of religious or other affiliation. Membership is FREE.

Broward County Homeschool Parent Support Group
The purpose of the Broward County Homeschool Parent Support Group (the PSG) is to encourage our membership of approximately 400 families to grow and thrive in their respective homeschool environments.  We help facilitate our members success by providing information and support services while upholding the philosophies of the PSG (which are founded upon traditional Biblical Judeo-Christian values as defined by the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Scriptures).

Christian Homeschool Support of the Western Communities
Christian Homeschool Support of the Western communities has been established to provide support, encouragement, social opportunities, and information related to home education for its members. The CHS organization and all of its activities and publications will consistently and forthrightly honor the Lord God. We have come together to help one another as we pursue our goal of teaching our children's hearts and minds at home.

East Coast Unschoolers
Email Jennifer or Kimberlie:
This is a group that focuses on Free Range Learning and Unschooling here on the East Coast. We aim for a wider range of members than just state wide groups but are more focused than many nationwide or world wide groups. Our Goal is support and sharing through the Lifelong Learning Process as we explore and share with our kids the vast possibilities that life has to offer.

Florida Coalition of Christian Private Schools Association, Inc., FCCPSA
FCCPSA grants Accreditation to qualified Christian Non-traditional and Traditional Private Schools and also issues of certificates of accreditation/inspection for Faith Based Child Care Facilities. Our ultimate goal is to serve the Body of Christ, keeping Jesus Christ preeminent in all we do. We set up administrative networks throughout the State of Florida for the purpose of enabling administrators of the Christian Non-traditional, Traditional Schools and Faith Based Child Care Facilities to interact, exchange ideas and share successes.

Florida Parent Educators Association
The Florida Parent-Educators Association (FPEA) exists solely to serve homeschooling families in Florida. The FPEA executes that mission through support for the legal right to homeschool, local school board education and interaction, support group networking, a state convention, local conferences and events, informative communications, and most importantly, by giving individual encouragement.

Home Education Foundation, HEF
HEF was established in 1991 to raise support and direct lobbying for home education in Florida. HEF exists to safeguard existing legislation and evaluate future legislation.

Homeschool Cooperative Educating in Central Florida, HCECF
Homeschool Cooperative Educating in Central Florida, HCECF, is an inclusive and eclectic group of home-educating families in the greater Orlando area (basically Orange County, Seminole County, Lake County and Volusia County) working together since 2001 for weekly co-ops, science, geography, literature and history classes, drama club, book clubs, debate group, fun educational fieldtrips, homeschool faires, BRICKschoolers LEGO® and robotics programs, STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) - IT (internet technology) related programs, SECME teams, Science Olympiad team, Odyssey of the Mind team, PE and sports days including Presidential Fitness Testing, annual drum building campouts and H.E.A.R.T.S. homeschool community service volunteers program including administration of Volunteer Service Awards and many more educational and social opportunities!

Homeschoolers of Collier County
An active group of inclusive homeschooling families in Collier County, Florida, who provide support to each other regardless of religious beliefs, home education philosophy, or choice of curriculum.

Jacksonville Homeschool Kids
This group is based in Jacksonville, Florida. All grade levels are welcome, but at this time we are focused more on Kindergarten through Early Middle School. This is a year round secular group for homeschool families, so we have a variety of opinions, religions, race, and ideas that need to be respected. We have field trips; get together(s), study groups, Clubs, Social activities and lots more in our plans for this group. This is a member run group, so please feel free to add anything, or make a suggestion!

JMJ Tampa Bay
This is a support group for Catholic homeschoolers in the Tampa Bay Area.

League of Observant Jewish Homeschoolers, LOJH
A not-for-profit league of families designed to satisfy the growing demand for Orthodox Jewish Homeschooling.

LIFE of Florida
LIFE of Florida is Florida's statewide homeschool support and networking chapter of Learning is for Everyone, Inc. LIFE welcomes everyone of all races, ethnicities, religions, family compositions, sexual orientations, learning and life styles, abilities and disabilities,and asks only that rules of civility, kindness and compassion be honored by all, for all.

Miami-Dade County Homeschool Support Group
The Purpose of Miami-Dade County Homeschool Support Group is to bring all Groups, Organizations & Homeschooling Families together in Miami-Dade County. We are a HUGE Source of Information for everyone in the MDC Homeschooling Community.

Orlando Home Educators
A vibrant co-op group for homeschool families to meet & plan group activities. This is a secular home school group; people of all beliefs are welcome here. We all live in central Florida, within easy driving distance of Orlando. Our children are elementary age & younger. Older siblings are always welcome, but the focus of our group's educational activities is currently geared toward the elementary aged child.

Parents Educating Children, PEC
Parents Educating Children's mission is to support and encourage its member parents who are engaged in a home education program, as well as those considering homeschooling as an academic option; located in Palm Beach County.

Sacred Heart of Jesus Home Educators
A Catholic Homeschool Support Group serving the Central Florida area. Our primary purpose as members of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Home Educators support group is to offer encouragement to one another, both spiritually and academically, through various gatherings designed to strengthen each family's commitment to authentic Catholic home education.

South County Home Schoolers
South County Home Schoolers exists to provide networking and support to homeschooling families regardless of race, religion, or teaching style. We seek to honor and respect the diversity that exists in the homeschool community, while working to strengthen our common bond.

The Homeschoolers' Friend, THF
The Homeschooler's Friend (THF) is a non-profit organization established to facilitate a strong sense of community among homeschool families in Bay County, Florida and surrounding areas.

The Homeschool Link
A relaxed, member-led support group in Brevard County, Florida. Academic and social activities are dependent upon the individual energies and interests of its members.

West Florida Home Education Support League, WFHESL
WFHESL serves home educating families in the Northwest corner of Florida, including Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties. We feature Member Meetings throughout the Pensacola area, as well as smaller Cell Group Meetings and activities throughout the two counties. WFHESL members help organize a wide variety of activities and events that are announced to members in the monthly newlsetter.

Brevard Alternative Homeschool
A support group for Brevard County, Florida Homeschoolers practicing or exploring alternative philosophies such as agnosticism, atheism, humanism, Paganism, Native American spiritualism or Wicca.

Brevard Homeschool
This group is for homeschooling parents in Brevard County, Florida. We offer discussion & support, field trips, announcement of information/events of interest to homeschoolers, book clubs, and exchange of homeschooling material locally.

Central Florida Homeschoolers
Use this list to: (1) Invite other homeschoolers to your special events. (2) Share money savers, such as the Florida Fun Card at Sea World. (3) Share suggestions for great places to visit in Central Florida. (4) Ask questions about homeschooling. Please be aware, this list and the people on it are only giving you information to the best of their knowledge. Legal questions should be reffered to the proper organization. (5) Offer tips and advice you think other homeschoolers would be interested in.

Central Florida Preteen/Teen Homeschoolers
This group is for pre-teen and teen homeschooling families age 11 and up living in Central Florida/Orlando.

Charlotte Harbor Organization of Independent Child Education, ChoiceEmail
Homeschool discussion for families in Charlotte County Florida Area.

Christian Homeschoolers in Tampa Florida
This list is mainly for Christian Homeschoolers living in Tampa, Florida and the surrounding areas but we gladly welcome all Christian Homeschoolers in Florida. This list may be used to discuss homeschooling methods, curriculum, and family life.

Emerald Coast Organic Homeschoolers
We are a group of relaxed homeschoolers/organic learners/unschoolers that reside in Okaloosa county on Florida's beautiful Emerald Coast. We see childhood as a natural process and as such seek for the most appropriate and natural approaches to raising and teaching our children. This includes, but is not limited to: unschooling, Waldorf, Moore, child-led, unit studies, or relaxed methods.

Florida Homeschool
This is a Christian homeschooling list for Floridians, where parents can discuss exciting and unique ways to homeschool their kids.

Florida Keys Unschoolers
Florida Keys sUnschoolers is a group for homeschoolers in the Lower Florida Keys to chat, find support, meet others and for those looking for information about homeschooling. We meet once a week for park days, have monthly field trips and meet for board games. We organize yearly science, geography and history fairs, etc.

Florida LIFE
Discussion list for the statewide support and networking group, LIFE of Florida, and affiliated state chapters.

Florida Pagan Homeschoolers
A statewide group comprised primarily of Pagan home educators throughout Florida.

Florida Traveling Homeschool Adventures
If you're in Florida, homeschool, and would like to communicate with other "traveling" homeschoolers (families on the road), then this group is for you.

Florida Unschooling
This group was created to join other unschoolers in Florida.

Helping Other Parents Educate (HOPE) @ Home
Homeschool support list for Northwest Florida. To help support, share ideas, websites, curriculum reviews, laws, etc.

Holistic Homeschoolers Tampa Bay
A list for Tampa Bay area liberal/progressive homeschoolers who want their children to have a natural childhood and seek healthy alternatives in play and in life.

Home Educators Network of Central Florida
Homeschooling group in Central Florida (Orlando area). We provide mentors to new homeschoolers. We hold classes and co-ops including art, book club, history, science and foreign language. We also meet for social interaction, playdates and fun!

Homeschool Cooperative of East Central Florida, HCECF
An inclusive and eclectic group of home educating families in the Orlando area (basically Orange county, Seminole county and eastern Lake County) working together for weekly co-ops, fun educational fieldtrips, sports/pe days, etc for a diverse age group while maintaining and supporting the individual valuable educational choices each family has made.

Homeschoolers in Trinity Pasco Florida
This is a group for all ages of homeschoolers in the Trinity (and surrounding areas) of Pasco County, Florida. Meet new homeschoolers in the area! Many of our members currently attend Discovery Days, Starkey Park, Homeschoolers in Pasco (HIP), the New Port Richey Aquatic Center and other places throughout the week.

Homeschool Happenings in Florida
Statewide group for all homeschooling families in Florida to share activitites, events, co-ops, associations, organizations and support groups with other homeschoolers.

Homeschooling South Florida
Homeschooling South Florida is a Yahoo Group designed for homeschooling kids (and their moms/dads) from the Palm Beaches, Broward County, and Dade County.

Jacksonville Homeschool Kids
This group is based in Jacksonville, Florida. All grade levels are welcome, but at this time we are focused more on Kindergarten through Early Middle School. This is a year round secular group for homeschool families, so we have a variety of opinions, religions, race, and ideas that need to be respected. We have field trips; get together(s), study groups, Clubs, Social activities and lots more in our plans for this group.

Lake County Florida Unschoolers
If you are an "Unschooler" or a really relaxed homeschooler and you live in or around Lake County Florida then this is the group for you. I know there are lots of "homeschooling" groups out there but if you are an "unschooler" you know the difference. Lets make this a place where we can come together to talk about the life that we choose, we respect our children and treat them like people, we don't believe in forced learning..."unschooling" affects every part of our live's not just the way our children learn. Welcome to a safe place, a place thats about "unschooling" and all that goes with it.

LIFE, A Collaborative Learning Group
A collaborative, alternative learning group that embraces the philosophy that Learning is For Everyone, and should be a rich and satisfying experience that creates a never-ending desire to learn more! This list will also serve as an announcement and resource list for the Odessa Trailblazers Camp Fire Family Club, the Home Learning Network and other related LIFE activities and programs.

Mid-Florida Homeschoolers
A support group for parents of elementary-aged children in the Orlando-area. We extend membership to families with children ages 3-13. We accept all residents who currently homeschool, or are considering homeschooling, regardless of religious persuasion or beliefs.

Palm Beach Home School Moms
We are an active, inclusive and social support group for homeschooling mothers of school-age children. Share advice, support and information about homeschooling in and around Palm Beach County, Florida.

Sarasota Area Conscious Parenting
We are a group of parents in the Sarasota area interested in a wide variety of ways of parenting our children with awareness, including Elimination Communication (EC), Babywearing, Breastfeeding/Child-led weaning, Homebirthing, Co-Sleeping, No-Vax/Delayed Vaxing, Eating Organically, homeschooling/unschooling, and more.

South Broward Homeschool Group
We are an inclusive homeschool support group located in SE Florida. We welcome all without regard to race, religion, teaching style or family orientation.

Unschoolers of South Florida
Unschoolers of South Florida is a group of families who apply the unschooling philosophy to our whole lives. Anyone who lives in South Florida (Miami-Dade, Broward or Palm Beach County) and is interested in joining the group is welcome to join.

Atrium School
Phone: (561) 496-3044
Atrium School exists to support and facilitate family based learning as an educational choice. Atrium School is a private school offering two distinct enrollment programs so that families can select the level of support and guidance that's right for them.

Christian Victory Academy, CVA
P.O. Box 721436
Orlando, Florida 32872-1436
Phone: (407) 281-6244
CVA believes in the freedom of the parents to choose the best curriculum and teaching methods for their own children. While it is the right of the parents to teach their own children at home, it is also the responsibility of the parents to be diligent in this duty.

Crossroads Christian School
P.O. Box 295
Crestview, Florida 32536
Phone: (850) 423-1291
Fax: (850) 423-1291
Crossroads Christian School is an international K-12 private school registered and fully recognized by the Florida Department of Education.  Crossroads Christian School offers an umbrella/satellite program to those who home-educate their children.  In order to provide a more affordable schooling option, we give parents the freedom to choose the best curriculum and teaching method for their children.

Florida Unschoolers
8680 SE Eagle Avenue
Hobe Sound, FL 33455
Phone: 772-486-6146
Florida Unschoolers (#3463) is a private umbrella school for unschoolers and other homeschoolers in Florida, and is listed at the Florida Department of Education website in the Directory of Private Schools, under Martin County.

The Oaks Private School
P.O. Box 1479
Live Oak, FL 32064
Phone: 1-866-996-TOPS
Fax: 1-877-803-7613
YOUR CHILD, YOUR HOME, YOUR WAY, OUR HELP - The Oaks Private School, an accredited, non-traditional private school, (umbrella, cover, satellite) provides you with academic, administrative and accountability covering, giving peace of mind while you educate your child in that wholesome and loving environment where learning is a natural part of everyday life, your home. We accept enrollments at any time. Our students are located throughout the US and several countries.

If you would like your group or organization listed here, please email me with your info and I'll add it in.