Homeschooling in Maine

Boghaunter Academy
Welcome, we are homeschooling and unschooling students exploring Maine's environment, biology, and the world.

The Caron Family's Homeschool Homepage
Please remember that we are not lawyers or professional homeschool advocates. We do not have information on the homeschooling laws of states other than Maine. Such information can be found at other locations on the Internet, links to which may be found on this website. Nor can we tell you if home education will be beneficial to your child. Each child is unique, and we recognize that not every parent is equipped to homeschool effectively. We do not believe that homeschooling is right for every child.

Homeschoolers of Maine
HOME's mission and purpose is to further the interests of the education of children by their parents by all lawful means, including, but not limited to, support of and assistance to families who are educating their own children, dissemination of legislative and other information affecting the rights of parents to direct the education and upbringing of their children, participation in and sponsorship of conventions and educational seminars for teaching parents.

I'm Unschooled. Yes, I Can Write.
The life and times of an unschooling vegetarian animistic green anarchist hippie child.

Maine Homeschooling List
The Maine Homeschooling List is an inclusive forum for: Talk about homeschooling in Maine; Homeschooling philosophies; Specific resources, in Maine and on the web; Letting people know where events are; Disseminating legislative news; Networking with other homeschoolers; Anything else that may be relevant to homeschooling in Maine.

Maine Unschooling Network
A secular blog serving Maine Unschoolers. This blog serves several purposes: to give the Maine Unschooling Network's Facebook group a web home, to provide a place for community and calendar of events, to provide support and discussion, and to provide a platform to those who would like to share their perspectives on unschooling in Maine, who may not otherwise do so in a public forum.

Parents of Aroostook Teaching at Home, The P.A.T.H.
We are a group of homeschooling families in Aroostook County, Maine.

Bob Jones University Press in New England
A New England regional discussion group for homeschooling families to discuss the day to day application of the Bob Jones University Press (BJUP) curriculum. General homeschooling issues and questions are also welcomed.

Catholic Homeschoolers Uniting Religion, Community and Home, CHURCH
We are a home school group providing support and activities for our families on the path toward Christ.

Discovery Center for Arts and Sciences, DCAS
The Discovery Center for Arts and Sciences (DCAS) is a homeschooling suport group for the Midcoast Area of Maine. DCAS events and classes are posted here as well as our fun portfolio review which is provided every June in Bath.

Earthy Homeschoolers of Penobscot County
If you are an open-minded, simple-living, "earthy" homeschooling/ unschooling family that is interested in creating a nurturing community of like-minded people for your child(ren) and you live in Penobscot County, Maine (or at least nearby)... Please join us!

Free2Learn is a homeschooling network based in Portland, Maine. It is for active homeschooling families residing in Maine and along the New Hampshire border. Free2Learn serves as a virtual "bulletin board" where members can post homeschooling activities, classes, workshops, seminars, conferences, field trips, extra-curricular activities, and gatherings.

A Gathering Place
A Gathering Place, in its 13th season, offers workshops and classes and as well activities in the Southern Maine area that are open to all homeschoolers and cover many topics. Homeschoolers from various groups (or no group) have joined together for yoga classes, singing, gardening, science classes, writing workshops, toothpaste making at Tom's of Maine, sewing, playtime at Children's Museum of Maine, field trips and lots of other exciting events!

Green Mothering of Maine
Green Mothering in Maine is a group to support and inform mothers of Maine. We will be covering all of the common topics such as: Cosmetics free of animal products and testing; Diets - Organic Foods - A Green home - Earth friendly products - Breastfeeding - Vegan/ Vegetarian Support - Co-Sleeping Food Allergies - Controversies - Your beliefs - Vaccinations - Gardening; Attachment Parenting - Living Simple - Homeschooling - Drug free kids - Technology free living - Herbs- Homeopathy - Pregnancy and Childbirth - Cooking - Composting - And loving to live your life.

Guilford Christian Academy
We are a Non- Approved Private School for the State of Maine. We are committed to serving homeschoolers in the state. Option 2 of the homeschool law is how we operate. Students are taught in their own homes by their parents, we do all the reporting for parents.

Home School Maine
This is a list provided for all homeschooling families in the state of Maine to get to know one another.

Homeschool Support for Parents in Maine
This group is intended to help you gain the confidence that you want and need, this group is also intended to make each other aware of upcoming activities. So post away! Ask questions, give comments, lend a hand, give praise, and remember that there just might be someone reading your post that needs that one person to offer support in their life today!

Learning All The Time
An email loop consisting of a diverse group of Southern Maine homeschooling parents. We request that our members be local, in the Southern Maine area. Learning All the Time (LATT) is utilized for homeschooling advice, support, and the sharing of new resources. All members are encouraged to use the list as a tool for organizing homeschool-related events as desired.

The Lost Art of Cooking
This group was started by homeschoolers in Maine looking for cost effective cooking, we are here to help and support other homemakers and homeschoolers by sharing ideas and recipes.

This is a mailing list for people who home schooling or are thinking of homeschooling in Maine. Kids and Parents alike! Here you can exchange ideas! support each other! give links for school stuff! just talk including, scripture, God, church, parents, kids, home cleaning, lessons and curriculum, on-line courses, and web sites.

Maine Christian Homeschooling
This is a group for Christian homeschooling families from Maine (although Christian homeschoolers from other states are MORE than welcome!!) to support each other and get encouragement as we teach our children according to God's word!

Maine Homeschooling
Maine Homeschooling is a statewide email discussion group for homeschoolers to discuss issues that are relevant to homeschooling in Maine.

Maine Homeschooling List
The Maine Homeschooling List is an inclusive, state-wide list that is lightly moderated. It exists as an inclusive forum for: * Talk about homeschooling in Maine * Homeschooling philosophies * Specific resources, in Maine and on the web * Letting people know where events are * Disseminating legislative news * Networking with other homeschoolers * Anything else that may be relevant to homeschooling in Maine

Making Memories Together, MMT
A support group for Lewiston-Auburn area homeschoolers. We primarily keep in touch through our Yahoo Group, where we post about events, field trips, and other activities going on in the Lewiston-Auburn area (and beyond). We also occassionally have discussions about topics of interest.

MidCoast Maine Homeschoolers
A great place for Maine families that love all things learning. Local points of interest, field trip idea's, group field trips.

New England Unschooling
A networking group for unschoolers in Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Unschooling Maine
This group is open to all unschoolers in Maine/NH or anyone moving to Maine/NH interested in unschooling. This list supports and respects ALL stages of unschooling. Where there are adventures and experiences rather than play dates, socialization,field trips and classes.

Western Maine Homeschool Support Network
Western Maine Homeschoolers is a network of very diverse homeschooling families who get together when the mood strikes, for fun and/or learning. Anyone who wants a specific activity or service organizes it and shares it with others as appropriate. This newsletter is one way of communicating what is happening.

Guilford Christian Academy
306 Wharff Rd.
Guilford, ME 04443
Phone: 207-717-7619
We are a Non-Approved Private School for the State of Maine. We are committed to serving homeschoolers in the state. Option 2 of the homeschool law is how we operate. Students are taught in their own homes by their parents, we do all the reporting for parents.

Maine Association for Charter Schools
199 Hatchet Mountain Road
Hope, ME 04847
Phone: (207) 763-3576
Fax: (207) 763-4552
MACS works with many different groups and individuals around the state who are interested in starting chartered public school options, with parents who would like tuition-free public options for their children, and with educators who have visions of how to reach the hard-to-reach children.

The New School
38 York St.
Kennebunk, ME 04043
Phone: (207) 985-3745
Fax: (207) 985-4837
A state approved high school located in Kennebunk, Maine. We assist home schooled students in many ways. Our entire day program is available to home schooled students they can take any courses they wish. In addition we offer assistance in both undergraduate and senior year planning and credential management. We offer a certified transcript and give credit for a wide range of learning options. We offer a high school diploma as well. The awarding of a diploma is based on a learning plan agreed to by the student, family and The New School.

North Atlantic Regional High School
21 Westminster St.
Lewiston, ME 04240
Phone: 800-882-2828
The North Atlantic Regional High School is located in Lewiston, Maine. NARHS is a state-authorized private school, recognized by the Department of Education, and fully accredited by the National Private Schools Association. We assist in designing and delivering a custom-designed program for each student, whether he or she is attending public school, private school, college classes, or homeschool. For homeschool families, parents decide and direct the content of each course, while fulfilling the requirements for each specific high school credit. Once the student has acquired the necessary credits, he or she is eligible for a high school diploma. Students graduate with varying numbers of high school credits according to their ability, ambition, and academic goals.

If you would like your group or organization listed here, please email me with your info and I'll add it in.