Homeschooling in Maryland

Arundel Homeschool Support Group (AHSG)
Our events take place in central Anne Arundel County - usually at Annapolis EP Church, Annapolis; Broadneck EP Church, Arnold; New Covenant Church, Arnold; and Severna Park EP Church, Severna Park.

Baltimore Homeschool Community Center
The Baltimore Homeschool Community Center (BHCC) is a diverse and vibrant community of students, parents, teachers, and friends who are changing the face of homeschooling.

The Baltimore-Washington Home Educators On-Line Community, BWHE
The BWHE on-line community is designed for open-minded homeschoolers in the region who are interested in participating in a community that represents a diverse range of religious, political and philosophical beliefs. Our community also represents a wide range of ethnic groups, education levels, and socio-economic classes. The one thing we have in common is an interest in trying to do what is best for our children and our family.

Christian Home Educators Network, Inc.
Our Goal: To assist Christian home educators in Maryland by providing resources and services that will aid them in equipping their children with the tools necessary to prepare them to become Christian adults.

Christian Home Instructor's League of Delmarva, C.H.I.L.D.
Our mission as homeschooling parents is: To offer our children a Christian environment for their schooling as well as every other aspect of our lives; To assist our families in sharing our faith within the context of our lives; To encourage others interested in home-education to step out, believe that God is faithful and will guide and direct us into the best education for our children.

Columbia Homeschool Community
The Columbia Homeschool Community (CHC) is an inclusive and diverse organization of homeschoolers whose mission is to provide enrichment, social skills, and support for the entire homeschool family. CHC warmly welcomes homeschool families throughout Maryland to our membership.

Cornerstone Homeschool Cooperative
The mission of the Cornerstone program is to assist homeschooling families in their homeschooling endeavours. The program seeks to do this through the offering of quality academic classes, providing the necessary framework for a course of study.

Hand In Hand Educational Services
Hand In Hand Educational Services is the state's largest website dedicated to homeschooling in Maryland. Whether you are exploring the possibility of homeschooling, just beginning your journey, or are a seasoned homeschool parent, Hand In Hand offers free resources to help you and your family meet your educational goals.

Holy Family Apostolate, HFA
Holy Family Apostolate (HFA) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation, dedicated to providing spiritual, academic and social support for Catholic homeschooling families in Western Howard County, MD.

Home Educators Restoring In Truth A Godly Education, HERITAGE Home School Association
HERITAGE is a group of homeschoolers meeting once a month to encourage one another toward love, good teaching, and an abundant life in Christ. The term HERITAGE stands for Home Educators Restoring In Truth A Godly Education. It also reminds us of what we wish to pass on to our children.

Homeschool Connections of Central Maryland
Our vision is to connect families that share a common interest in enhancing our children?s learning experience by: valuing member's diverse ideas and opinions; by providing support without obligations and by offering involvement at a level that meets each family's needs.

Homeschoolers About Town
Welcome to Homeschoolers About Town of Mount Airy, Maryland. We are an all inclusive group of homeschoolers that have come together to support one another on our individual homeschooling journeys. We are a close knit community of homeschool families in Mount Airy, Md. and the surrounding areas.

Homeschool Frederick!
The purpose of Homeschool Frederick! is to forge connections in our homeschool community. Instead of reinventing the wheel, this site brings together resources available through umbrella groups, Student Services personnel with the Frederick County Public Schools, hybrid organizations, businesses, and others who appreciate the virtues of homeschooling.

Homeschool Howard County
The purpose of Homeschool Howard County is to forge connections in our homeschool community. This site brings together resources available through umbrella groups, cooperatives, Howard County Public Schools, hybrid organizations, businesses, and others who appreciate the virtues of homeschooling.

Homeschool Montgomery
The purpose of Homeschool Montgomery! is to forge connections in our homeschool community. This site brings together resources available through umbrella groups, cooperatives, Montgomery County Public Schools, hybrid organizations, businesses, and others who appreciate the virtues of homeschooling.

The Homeschool Resource Group
We are an all volunteer organization, feeling called to encourage parents to home school their children and to assist home school families in providing excellence in their education. We are busy homeschooling parents ourselves and do this out of a conviction to pass it on.

Homesteaders Homeschool Support Group
Our Purpose is to provide a supportive environment where Christian home education can be learned and taught, and where educational activities are shared among children in an atmosphere of Christian love and discipline, and opportunities for God-glorifying friendships among children and adult members.

Maryland Association of Christian Home Educators, MACHE
MACHE exists to support the Christian home schooling families and support group leaders in the state of Maryland . We provide a quarterly newsletter to member families and groups, offer a discount for membership in the Home School Legal Defense Association, and we host an annual curriculum fair, symposiums, workshops, and other events.

Maryland Home Education Association, MHEA
MHEA was founded in 1980 to serve and support families of all religious, philosophical and ethnic persuasions. For over seventeen years MHEA has been working for all homeschoolers -- members and non-members alike.

Maryland Homeschool Hiking Club
This site is for homeschoolers and their families in Maryland, and in parts of Pennsyavania and West Virginia that are close to Maryland, who are intersted in hiking or already hike. We share info on hiking and organize small hikes as well as longer ones, and sometimes overnighters! Any ages are welcome!

Maryland Homeschool Resource Network
This web site is dedicated to all the home school families. MHRN is designed with the intent to bring together ideas and resources, in the pursuit of our common goal of home based learning. This would benefit and unify us all as a homeschool community of Maryland.

Maryland Organic Learning
We are a group of unschooling parents of various beliefs and backgrounds dedicated to helping families learn organically through life together. Maryland Organic Learning is here to foster support and community among Maryland unschooling families, and we welcome people at all stages of their Unschooling journey. is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and encouraging organic learners and their families throughout the state of Maryland, bringing information and communities together.

Maryland Unschoolers
This group is for Unschoolers & Autonomous Home Educators in the Maryland area to gather for support and friendship.

Mason Dixon Homeschoolers Association, MDHSA
Mason-Dixon Homeschoolers Association serves homeschooling families in Franklin County Pennsylvania, Washington County Maryland, and surrounding areas. We offer co-op classes, support groups, field trips, a high school diploma program, and much more. The MDHSA diploma program is available to any students who have met the criteria outlined in the diploma guide.

Mid Shore Cooperative
An inclusive homeschool community welcoming homeschooling families from Maryland’s Eastern Shore. We meet on Friday mornings during the school year, in Easton.

Montgomery Home Learning Network, MHLN
An inclusive group of homeschooling families in and around Montgomery County, MD. We have a homeschooling parents' support group that meets monthly during the academic year. The meetings include casual, conversation-style discussion and are a great place to network, gain renewed energy and new ideas. All homeschoolers and prospective homeschoolers are welcome to attend the meetings.

North County Home Educators, NCHE
NCHE is a support group for families in Maryland who have an interest in home education. Most of our meetings are in the northern part of Anne Arundel County, but membership is open to everyone.

Potomac Home Learning Circle
We are a cooperative learning community, welcoming families of all beliefs and experiences. We are a group of families working together to make homeschooling our children a rewarding and communal experience. Our group is secular, meaning we are not faith-based, and are all-inclusive. We hope to attract open-minded individuals seeking a progressive environment in which to grow and learn with our children, as well as, create lasting friendships.

Southern Maryland Active and Supportive Homeschoolers, SMASH
We are an inclusive homeschool group that seeks to support homeschooling parents and their children through group events, informational materials (on-line) and this web site.

Southern Maryland Homeschool Network
Our support group serves all of the southern Maryland area including Prince George's, Anne Arundel, Charles, Calvert, and St. Mary's counties.

Tri-State Homeschool Network
Tri-State Home School Network is an organization that was formed in December 1986 to promote homeschooling and to provide support to the families that homeschool. Fieldtrips, monthly meetings, moms' meetings and extracurricular clubs are some of the support services we provide. Tri-State was founded by Christians on Christian principles but is not exclusively Christian in membership. Tri-State leaders, in forming Tri-State, adopted the statement of faith found in the "Teaching Home Magazine" under the Statement of Belief.

Western Maryland Homeschool Association
We are a diverse group of homeschooling families with a common interest: homeschooling and it's many forms and types and the best interest of our Children!

Western Maryland Homeschool Choir
Western Maryland Homeschool Choir is a part of the Western Maryland Homeschool Association. It is for any homeschoolers from the ages of 5 years to 18 years old, male or female. It is held at the Virginia Ave. Baptist Church in Hagerstown, MD.

Anne Arundel Tweens and Teens Homeschoolers, AATTH
A new group to offer support to Tweens and Teens in Anne Arundel county.....and any other county willing to travel! This is an ALL inclusive support group. Here we can swap ideas, plan field trips and make new friends!

Appalachian Regional Cooperative
Appalachian Regional Cooperative is an inclusive group of homeschoolers in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. We welcome anyone interested in group activities for all ages. The group is open to all homeschooling philosophies, including self-directed and unschooling. We encourage everyone to plan an activity that is open to group members.

This web-based support network is sponsored by HAHSA (Homeschool Association of Harford & Surrounding Areas). HAHSA is a local, inclusive parent-led homeschool community which offers a wide array of social and academic opportunities for families in Central and Northeast Maryland and surrounding areas.

Baltimore Attachment Parenting, BaltAP
Baltimore Attachment Parenting (abbreviated BaltAP) is a group for parents living in Baltimore, Maryland and surrounding areas who share an interest in attachment parenting. The primary goal of attachment parenting is to develop and nurture strong and loving bonds between parents and their children.

Baltimore Homeschoolers, Umoja Family
Umoja is a Baltimore based homeschool group that is intent on providing a better plan for our children by creating the following type of environment: Christ-centered, culturally affirming, academically challenging, and socially interactive. We meet 3-4 times per month for interaction, training, and encouragement for our children and our parents. We also sponsor monthly field trips.

Baltimore Regional Area Network of Creative Homeschoolers, BRANCH
An inclusive, secular homeschool group based in central Maryland. Most of our activities take place in Northeastern Baltimore County, but we have members from throughout the Baltimore Metro area. We have hosted a variety of activities including Art Club, Geography Club, Craft Days, Field trips, Preschool Co-op, Book Clubs, Mom's Night Out, social events and parties, hiking club, and much, much more.

Baltimore-Washington African American Homeschoolers
This group was created for African American homeschoolers in and around the Baltimore/Washington DC/Northern VA area to connect with one another. This is a central place where members of various support groups and/or individual homeschoolers in the area can learn from and help each other.

Baltimore-Washington Home Educators
This list is designed for Baltimore-Washington-Northern Virginia homeschoolers as on-line community for open-minded homeschoolers in the region who are interested in participating in a community that represents a diverse range of religious, political and philosophical beliefs.

Baltimore-Washington Home Educators Discussion List, BWHE-D
This is a companion list to BWHE, intended for long discussions, opinions, and political or religious information which may spark debates inappropriate for the BWHE list.

Baltimore-Washington Home Educated Teens
A list for home educated teens and alumni in the Baltimore/Washington area. A place for sharing experiences, meeting friends, and setting up events for the teens in our area.

Bowie Catholic Homeschoolers
This group is for Catholic homeschooling families located in or around Bowie, Maryland.

Bowie Crofton Homeschoolers
A support group for homeschoolers in the Bowie/Crofton area of Maryland, but is open to anyone. We are a secular group and are open to anyone, regardless of race, creed or orientation. It is a place for us to share our ideas and thoughts on homeschooling and anything of interest.

Cecil County MD Homeschoolers
Cecil County MD Homeschoolers is an inclusive group for all Cecil County Homeschoolers... everyone is welcome regardless of method or spiritual practice. Our group serves the purpose to help unite homeschoolers in our county, as well as answer questions from those who are considering homeschooling.

Christian Homeschoolers Alliance of Maryland and Pennsylvania
This is a group for members of the Christian Homeschoolers Alliance of Maryland and Pennsylvania. We are a teaching co-op located near Glen Rock, PA.

Christian Homeschoolers of Calvert County
An information network and support group for home educators based in Calvert County, Maryland. The purpose of the group is to help local Christian homeschoolers effectively connect with one another in order to offer support, fellowship, and spiritual encouragement as we seek to educate and raise our children to follow the Lord.

Christian Homeschoolers in Southern Maryland, CHISM
This group is dedicated to Christians who are homeschooling in Maryland in Charles, Prince George's, St. Mary's, Calvert and Anne Arundel Counties.

Christian Homes Education Special Kids, CHESK
This is a support group for those living in Harford and surrounding counties who are homeschooling children with special needs or homeschooling and *have* children with special needs. We are both an online support and in person support group. The group is Christian in nature.

Cub Scout Pack 403 - Bowie, MD
This Yahoo Group is for Cub Scout Pack 403 in Bowie, Maryland. Pack 403 is sponsored by Holy Trinity Episcopal Church and meets on Mondays (during the school year) from 7-8 pm at 13106 Annapolis Road. We also have one pack event per month (normally on a Saturday.) We have boys from many different schools (including homeschoolers) in our pack. Boys must be in first through fifth grade to join.

Culture at Home
Culture at Home is an African American homeschool support group in the Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia area with an emphasis on the older homeschooled student and for families concerned with the healthy well-being and academic guidance of their African-American child.

DC Area Preschool Homeschoolers, DCAPH
D.C. Area Preschool Homeschoolers (DCAPH, or "decaf") offers community and support for homeschooling parents of children ages birth to six who are willing to commute to activities inside and slightly outside the Beltway. We hold twice weekly playgroups and sponsor field trips to museums, as well as other activities.

DEClassical Home Educators Network
We are an all-inclusive Classical home educators support group for families Classically educating their children in the Wilmington-Elkton-Philadelphia area; and extending out to N Delaware, NE Maryland, SW New Jersey, and SE Pennsylvania area.

We are an all-inclusive home educators support group for families thinking about homeschooling their preschool or younger children in the Wilmington-Elkton-Philadelphia area; and extending out to N Delaware, NE Maryland, SW New Jersey, and SE Pennsylvania area.

Delaware Classical Home Educators Network
We are an all-inclusive Classical home educators support group for families Classically educating their children in the Wilmington-Elkton-Philadelphia area; and extending out to N Delaware, NE Maryland, SW New Jersey, and SE Pennsylvania area.

DELMARVA Homeschoolers
Home schoolers from the region known as DELMARVA, (Delaware, Maryland, Virginia), can network via email announcements of family and home school events in their area.

Delmarva Unschoolers
Unschoolers on Marylands Eastern Shore. This is a secular discussion list and a list for posting activities and get togethers.

This is a list for HOWARD COUNTY HOME EDUCATORS, a network of homeschoolers in Howard County, Maryland. Our purpose is to enable homeschooling families in our geographic region to find each other for the purpose of support, information, cooperative learning experiences, homeschooling advocacy, and friendship.

Emmitsburg/Pennsylvania Organization of Catholic Homeschoolers, E.P.O.C.H.
A newly forming homeschool group for those living in Emmitsburg and surrounding cities, including Littlestown, Fairfield, Waynesboro, Taneytown, Gettysburg, Thurmont, etc. Our main goal is to offer support for each other, provide activities and field trips for our children, and to come together as families to celebrate the richness of the Catholic faith throughout the liturgical year.

Families of Our Righteous King, F.O.R.K.
Families of Our Righteous King (F.O.R.K.) co-op exisits for the encouragement of families providing a creative, Christ-centered education for thier children.

Fathers and Mothers In Leadership Instructing Encouraging Students, FAMILIES News
This is a large group of homeschool families who want to encourage each other and share information, events, curriculum, fieldtrip,ideas and to be in service to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Anyone is welcome to join, (although most of us are from the Delaware,Maryland, and Virginia area) (Delmarva).

Fort Belvoir Home Educators, FBHE
The FBHE is a group of military and DOD families dedicated to the home education of our children. We are committed to providing support and encouragement to one another and to participating in activities that will enrich the lives of our children and families.

Frederick MD Homeschool Soccer
A soccer program for homeschooling children ages 5 to 18 who live in the Frederick, Maryland and surrounding areas. This is a family participation program, where parents volunteer for everything from coaching, to goal set up to cleaning up the field. The purpose of the program is to learn soccer skills, build self esteem in each child and build friendships among homeschooling families.

Frederick SDA Homeschoolers"
This is the homeschooling group of the Frederick, Maryland Seventh-day Adventist Church. The purpose is to provide Christian support and to plan events for church members who are homeschooling or who are interested in homeschooling.

Homeschool Activities VA-DC-MD
We offer information about activities, classes, events, and field trips for homeschool families and visitors to the Washington, D.C., area including Maryland and Virginia suburbs and points beyond.

Homeschoolers in Crofton Maryland
This group is for anyone homeschooling their child/children in the Crofton, Maryland area, but all are welcome to join. We can offer support to one another, share our thoughts on education, homeschool curriculum options, and also organize local activities and events.

Homeschooling Delmarva
Homeschooling-Delmarva, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia's Eastern Shore - sharing homeschool information, events, resources, and general support. Everyone is welcome to join in regardless of reasons for homeschooling or researching homeschooling.

Homeschooling Pack 239
This is designed to give clear and up to date information to all members of Homeschooling Pack 239, located in Baltimore Maryland!

Homeschool Resources
This group is set up to inform all homeschoolers about local and current events that are happening in your area or surrounding areas in the state of VA, Maryland and DC.

Homeschool Pen Pals
This is a group for homeschoolers and their parents to sign up for pen pals for all over the world! Christian, Non-Christian, unschooled, secular, any kind as long as you teach/learn at home!!!! This group is an affiliate of the Western Maryland Homeschool Association.

Horizons Homeschool Co-op
Horizons Homeschool Co-op is a an inclusive co-op of homeschool parents. We meet every Thursday in the Gaithersburg, Maryland area for the purpose of providing fun, creative activities and classes so our children can celebrate the adventures of learning and exploring their world together. We offer classes from nursery to high school.

Jewish Home Schoolers of Maryland and DC area
This list is meant to be a forum to allow Jewish home schoolers in Maryland, DC,and nearby areas to keep in touch and plan activiites.

J-LIFT, Jews-Learning Is Fun Together
This is an activity based list, dedicated to notification of activities for Jewish homeschoolers in the Baltimore area. Our goal is to provide opportunities for Jewish homeschoolers and their parents to get together on a semi-regular basis, through trips, outings, and activities.

LDS Home Schooling in Maryland
This group is for members and friends of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who are homeschooling their children. Most of our group lives in Maryland but we have members in West Virgina and Virginia as well. We usually have a planning meeting once a year (either in the spring or early fall) and plan approximately 2 field trips or activities per month during the traditional school year. Most of our activities are held on Fridays.

Maryland Homeschool
This is a place to support each other in our homeschooling, share resources, find support, ask questions, or just talk about what you are doing in your homeschool.

Maryland Homeschool Hiking Club
This site is for amy homeschoolers/unschoolers and their families in the state of Maryland and any areas close to Maryland. We participate in short hikes, long hikes, and sometimes overnights!

Maryland Homeschooling Special Needs
This groups is for those families in Maryland who are homeschooling children with special needs. This is a place to share ideas lend support and plan activities that would enrich our children's life's. Whether your child has Autism, Aspergers, learning disabilities, ADD, ADHD or any other disabilities or just plain high maintenance this group is for you.

Maryland Homeschool Resource Network
Maryland Homeschool Resource Network is the place for all homeschool families to discuss the various challenges we will face in the homeschooling environment. This forum is to educate and disseminate information that can be use in our homeschooling endeavors.

Maryland Organic Learning
Maryland Organic Learning is here to foster support and community among Maryland unschooling families, and we welcome people at all stages of their Unschooling journey.

Maryland Roman Catholic Homeschoolers, MRCH
A support group with members in Howard County and Catonsville, Maryland. We gather together for Mass and then brunch on first Fridays. Our children's schola/choir meets weekly to learn Gregorian chant. Each month we have a Middle School Bible Study, Book Clubs(grades 2-3 & grades 4+), a Science Club (grades K-3) and toddler playgroup. Children up to age 7 go to Gymnastics locally each week. Several field trips are scheduled throughout the year.

Maryland Unschooling Family Connection
We are a support group for unschoolers for the Montgomery County/Frederick County Area.

MD-DC-VA Educators
This groups exists to create an online forum to share resources, activities, ideas, and support among the homeschooling community to include the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan area, Hampton Roads (Tidewater) Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

Mid-Shore Homeschoolers
This group is for all homeschoolers in Talbot, Caroline, Dorchester, Queen Anne and Kent Counties of Maryland to be able to pass along information that may be useful to homeschoolers in this area.

Montgomery Home Learning Network, MHLN
This list serves the members of the Montgomery Home Learning Network and other members of the homeschooling community. The Montgomery Home Learning Network ( is an inclusive group of homeschooling families in and around Montgomery County, MD. We have a homeschooling parents' support group that meets monthly during the academic year at Wheaton* Library.

North County Home Educators, NCHE
This list is for members of North County Home Educators - a homeschooling support group based in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. We will announce events and activities here as well as discuss business specific to our group.

The electronic calendar of events and planning forum for homeschooling activities for families living in Reisterstown, Owings Mills and Glyndon, Maryland.

Ocean City MD Homeschoolers
A group for homeschooling families in and around the Ocean City Maryland area, to post events, activities, park days, interesting educational web sites, local news.....

Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Homeschool Group
Our Lady Seat of Wisdom homeschool group seeks to uplift, support, and provide enrichment during our homeschooling journey through our Catholic faith. The majority of the activities take place in the Hagerstown, MD area. All surrounding areas including Eastern WV, Southern PA, and Northern Maryland are welcome.

PALS-FC is an inclusive homeschooling support group in Frederick County, MD and surrounding counties. It is a secular group, is open to all homeschooling families and is an online Yahoo-Group for members to communicate and network with one another. PALS is intended to provide various activities and programs for children in the group as well as support for parents.

Potomac Home Learning Circle
Our intent is to utilize the different skills and abilities of member families to offer new learning and social opportunities for the greater homeschooling community of Washington County Maryland and surrounding areas.

Prince George's Home Learning Network
This is a list for the Prince George's Home Learning Network, a support and networking group in Prince George's County, Maryland for homeschooling families and those families considering homeschooling. PGHLN is a diverse and inclusive group and subscribes to no specific philosophical, religious, or educational beliefs.

Queen of Peace Homeschoolers
We are a Catholic homeschool support group for almost 40 families in Northern Delaware, Southeastern Pennsylvania and Northeastern Maryland. We meet for Sacraments including First Friday Mass/Devotions/Lunch, First Saturday Mother's Mass & Breakfast,a monthly Children's Holy Hour of Eucharistic Adoration, Little Flowers Girls Virtue Club, regular field trips, parent support and social activities.

River Bend Garden
Riverbend Garden is a secular, Waldorf-inspired homeschooling group in Fairfax County, Virginia. Our purpose is to provide support, encouragement and community to Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland-area homeschoolers who are using or exploring Waldorf education methods.

Sankofa Homeschool Community
We are a local support group for the Metro D.C. area. Sankofa has members in DC, Maryland, Virginia, and as far north as Baltimore. We are religiously diverse and our members use a variety of homeschooling methods.

Southeastern Baltimore Homeschool Co-op,
This yahoo group is not an open online support group for homeschoolers, but a yahoo group specifically designed for members of the Southeastern Baltimore Homeschool Co-op. The yahoo group is for members only to ensure we keep our children safe.

Southern Maryland Homeschool
This group is for those living in Southern Maryland that homeschool or are thinking of homeschooling their child/children. Discuss current teching methods, curriculum used, unit studies, etc..

Southern Maryland Homeschool Network
An inclusive network of local homeschool groups and individual homeschooling families who encourage and support each other's needs and choices through sharing experience, resources, and group activities. Our mission is to provide inspiration and assistance to homeschooling families, and to work to create a better homeschooling environment in the state of Maryland.

South Maryland Christian Homeschoolers
Online support group for the Southern Maryland Christian Homeschool Group.

St. Mary's Open Homeschool
We are a community of homeschoolers in St. Mary's County, who have gathered together on this list to support one another in HSing and HS-based events.

Torah At Home
A support group for Jewish Home Educators in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Traditions of Roman Catholic Homes, TORCHFRED
This is a private email list for members and friends of Frederick County, Maryland TORCH, Traditions Of Roman Catholic Homes. Primarily focused on homeschool issues, TORCH discussions also encompass child rearing issues, catechesis of the young, family values, and related issues.

Tri-State Homeschool Network
Tri-State Homeschool Network is a support group that serves the northern Delaware, northeastern Maryland, southwestern New Jersey and southeastern Pennsylvania region. Our purpose is to further the cause of homeschooling, with emphasis from the viewpoint of Christian families.

Tri-State Regional Catholic Home School Network
Tri State Regional Catholic Home School Network is a network of Catholic Home Schooling families in the Hagerstown/Martinsburg/Gettysburg area. The Network allows families to keep in touch,offer support and advice, and request prayers.

Tri-State SonLIGHT Homeschool Friends
This website/email group is NOT for the users of SONlight curriculum. We are not in any way connected with that. We are SonLIGHT a LOCAL homeschooling support group in Western Maryland.

Waldorf Homeschoolers in Maryland
This is a group for homeschooling families in Maryland (and nearby surrounding areas) who are using a Waldorf-inspired approach. Any family interested in Waldorf homeschooling, whether you're using Live Ed, Oak Meadow, Christopherus, doing your own curriculum, or are a Waldorf-inspired unschooler, or anything in between, you are welcome here.

Western Maryland Homeschool Association
We are a diverse group of homeschooling families with a common interest: homeschooling and it's many forms and types and the best interest of our Children! We welcome any religions or no religion at all to join our group. We do many activities and take many hands on educational learning trips.

Cedar Brook Academy
23700 Stringtown Road
Clarksburg, MD 20871
Phone: 301-528-6706
Fax: 301-528-6704
The Academy program is a blend of parent-directed, home-based instruction along with some traditional school options. These options include the administrative services and oversight of a private Christian school as well as optional classes, parent workshops, the maintenance of student records, field trips, social activities and a “community” of other students from local Christian homes. These services are offered to maximize and enhance the home-education experience.

Conowingo-Rising Sun Christian School
201 Connelly Road
Rising Sun, Maryland 21911
Phone: (410) 658-3318
Conowingo - Rising Sun Christian School is a homeschool umbrella program operated by the Church of God of Prophecy located in Rising Sun, Maryland. We are a state approved oversight program serving homeschool families throughout Maryland.

Maryland State Department of Education, Nonpublic Entities Registered to Supervise Home Instruction of Maryland Students list

Nonpublic School Approval Branch
Maryland State Department of Education
200 West Baltimore Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21201
Phone (410) 767-0408
Fax (410)333-8963

Walkersville Christian Family Schools
4 West Main Street
Thurmont, MD 21788
Phone: 301-271-0123
The staff at Walkersville Christian Family Schools (WCFS) is committed to helping you provide a Christ-centered, quality education for your children. Thank you for this opportunity to acquaint you with some of the distinctive features of our program beginning with our Christian Confession of Faith.

If you would like your group or organization listed here, please email me with your info and I'll add it in.