Homeschooling in Ohio

Christian Heritage Home Educators of Wilmington, CHHEW
CHHEW provides both encouragement and support as you educate your children for the Lord's glory. By becoming a member of CHHEW you will join other local like-minded homeschooling families for fellowship, field trips, roller skating and other special events scheduled throughout the school year.

Christian Home Educators of Carroll, Columbiana, and Stark counties (Ohio), CHECCS
We are the Christian Home Educators of Carroll, Columbiana, and Stark counties (Ohio). We have/have had members from Tuscarawas, Jefferson, Mahoning, Trumball, etc. CHECCS is a group of about 35 conservative Christian families who home educate our children as we feel led by God to do so. We offer co-op classes, field trips, special events, moms nights out, summer get togethers, and more.

Christian Home Educators of Cincinnati, CHEC
CHEC encompasses a number of like-minded, geographically-based support groups located throughout the greater Cincinnati area. CHEC offers a wide range of support, encouragement, and activities to the Christian home-educating community in the Cincinnati area, benefiting both experienced home educators as well as those just beginning to investigate home education as a viable option for their family.

Christian Home Educators of Clark County, CHECC
CHECC is a home school support group serving families in Clark County, Ohio (Springfield, Urbana, New Carlisle, and surrounding communities). We provide families the opportunity to supplement their home schooling experience through field trips, seasonal gatherings, graduation ceremonies, and interest groups. We also have an annual book sale in the summer months, and publish a monthly newsletter during the school year.

Christian Home Educators Co-op, CHEC
CHEC, which stands for Christian Home Educators Cooperative, is a Christian worldview based cooperative. CHEC provides many opportunities for home-schooling parents and their families to come together on a regular basis for support, mutual educational benefits, information, and a wide range of activities. CHEC offers home-school students a venue to meet other homeschoolers their age, for social, academic, and athletic programs.

Christian Home Educators of Ohio
Mission Statement: CHEO acknowledges that the Lord Jesus Christ must be central and supreme in the rearing of our children, and that Biblical education is an inseparable part of the Christian faith. CHEO seeks to preserve the God-given, constitutional right to home educate, and to support and encourage families in fulfilling this Biblical responsibility.

Christian Home Educators Stark County Association, CHESCA
CHESCA supports and encourages parents committed to educating their children at home. Decidedly Christian and family-oriented, CHESCA seeks to serve homeschooling parents through activities, encouraging fellowship and seminars, and political involvement. CHESCA currently consists of 117 member families from all over Stark County in northeast Ohio, as well as Summit, Mahoning, Wayne, Jefferson, Carroll and Portage counties.

Darke County Christian Homeschool Co-op
We are a group of Christian homeschoolers in Darke County, Ohio. Our group currently numbers about 50 families. We meet approximately 20 Fridays each school year.

Dayton Catholic Homeschool Network
The Dayton Catholic Homeschool Network’s primary purpose is to facilitate communication about events and other items of interest to the Greater Dayton, Ohio Catholic homeschool community. In addition, we strive to link these local families to resources they need to homeschool well. It is hoped that this network will help us function better as the Body of Christ.

Family Academics In The Home, F.A.I.T.H.
F.A.I.T.H. Homeschool Group is an active community of Christian Families in the Toledo, Ohio area. We emphasize welcoming the whole family to our monthly meetings and encourage fathers to get involved!

Hearts Toward Home
As we believe the Bible is the inspired and infallible Word of God, we are an independent, Christ-centered group of parents representing many churches. Our desire is to provide support and encouragement to our member home schooling families. Our current membership include families from Caledonia, Marion, Fostoria, Nevada, Richwood, Forest, Galion, Morral, Upper Sandusky, Prospect, Harpster, Delaware, Columbus, and LaRue, Ohio.

Homeschool Network of Greater Cincinnati
We are a network of families helping each other to educate our children at home. We do not advocate any particular method, style, or philosophy of home schooling, but help families to connect with one another, and to find the information & resources that they need. Our members come from southern Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. Our children range in age from infants to graduating seniors.

A FREE comprehensive list of Ohio homeschooling organizations, local support groups, mailing lists and people.

Linworth Road Academy
LRA is a Columbus Ohio Christian cooperative homeschool support group. As a ministry of Linworth Road Church, LRA is rich with inspired and enthusiastic teachers leading ideal-sized group classes for students K-Middle School. Growth opportunities abound through field trips, group activities, special events, and so much more!

Mahogany Homeschoolers
Mahogany Homeschoolers of Ohio purpose is to provide support for African American homeschooling families. We are located in the Canton-Akron area. It is our goal to unite African American homeschool families by providing encouragement and information to enhance their homeschooling endeavor. We hope to be a positive force for inspiring families to continue or start homeschooling.

Mid-West Homeschool Convention
In 2006 we launched the Cincinnati Homeschool Convention. (Which quickly became known as the MidWest Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati) It has been an amazing journey, and has also been extremely encouraging to see the convention grow to attract many thousands of homeschooling families from dozens of states!

Ohio Home Educators Network, O-HEN
Ohio Home Educators Network (OHEN) is a regional network of homeschooling families in the Northeast Ohio area. O-HEN holds home education information meetings and emails a monthly newsletter listing children's enrichment activities scheduled by its members.

Ohio Homeschool Network
A website that encourages thoughtful exploration of preserving individual freedoms to homeschool in Ohio.

Parents Educating at Christian Homes, PEACH
We are a Christian organization dedicated to providing support, encouragement and fellowship for homeschoolers in the Southern Ohio area. We hold monthly meetings for homeschooling parents during the school year, August to June. Members can choose to participate in small groups, field trips, graduation, testing, spelling bee, and other activities.

Pearls Homeschool Moms Support Group
Pearls provides a way to join together with other home schoolers and accomplish what could be difficult for one, but for several is more easily achieved. We offer a haven for rest and fellowship for moms and children.

Ramblings of an Unschooling Family
Often we are asked what we do all day. The assumption is, that as homeschoolers, we spend our day pouring over textbooks, doing "school at home". Nothing could be further from the truth. Take a glimpse into our lives. You may be surprised to see all the "learning" that is going on in Loveland, OH.

TEACH Homeschool Group
We are a homeschool group for the Tri-County area of Wayne, Holmes, and Medina Counties in Ohio. Membership is free and we welcome all Christian homeschoolers! You will be asked some questions prior to approval to join. Please understand these questions are for the safety of our members.

Toledo HELP
HELP (Home Education League of Parents) is a cooperative volunteer organization which assists parents as they inform themselves about homeschooling. HELP encourages members to incorporate child-led learning, regardless of their homeschool approach. As a politically, philosophically, and religiously diverse group, HELP focuses on the homeschooling issues we all have in common.

Turning Hearts Toward Home
Our purpose is to promote Christian home education in the Union County area by providing resources, activities, and fellowship for home schooling children and their parents, always while honoring our Lord Jesus Christ.

Unschoolers Gathering of Ohio Camp-Out, UGO
The UGO gatherings are for unschoollly families to simply have fun, relax and share time with other families who follow a more child-led, interest based, whole life learning, relaxed, or eclectic homeschooling approach.

Unschoolers Waterpark Gathering 2011
Our UWG gatherings are for unschooling families around the country to simply have fun, relax and share time with other unschoolers - ie. families homeschooling in a non-traditional, child-led, interest based, life learning approach. Those new or looking into unschooling are welcomed to come with the understanding they have researched unschooling, come with an open mind and are respectful to those at various stages of unschooling.

Upper Arlington Christian Homeschoolers, Columbus Ohio
Here you will find a wide variety of information regarding our support group operating in the Columbus, Ohio metropolitan area and homeschooling in general.

Wayne County Christian Home Educators, WCCHE
Residents of the Wayne County, Ohio, area who are home educating their children out of conservative Christian convictions are invited to apply for membership in WCCHE, Wayne County Christian Home Educators, in Wooster, OH. WCCHE is a local support group for such homeschoolers and strives to network national, state and local information pertaining to home education.

This group is open to all homeschooling families and will be strictly used to post upcoming community events and any OPEN homeschool activities in Northeastern Ohio.

Akron Waldorf Home
Akron Waldorf Home is for like-minded mamas interested in Waldorf educational methods and natural parenting. It is about bringing a little bit of Waldorf into your home, whether full-time, part-time, or just little bits here and there.

Athens County Homeschoolers
Athens County Homeschoolers in a networking list for home educationg families in the Athens County/Southeast Ohio Area.

Black Swamp Home Educators Association
The Black Swamp Home Educator's Association (BSHEA) Group is based on the mutual interest of homeschoolers in the Northwest Ohio (primarily Bowling Green and surrounding area) region.

Central Ohio Area Christian Homeschool Families, COACH Families
COACH is an inclusive Christian email list designed to share information relevant to Columbus area Christian homeschooling families.

Central Ohio K12
This group is intended for all families using the K12 curriculum in the Central Ohio area.

Cincinnati Secular Homeschool Connection
This group is for homeschooling families in the Northern Cincinnati and Southern Dayton areas such as Trenton, Middletown, Fairfield, Liberty Township, Hamilton and many other surrounding cities. This also includes Hamilton, Butler, and Franklin counties in Ohio.

Cincinnati Unschoolers
The focus of this group is to promote and support unschooling, natural learning, interest led learning, child led learning, whole life learning, autonomous learning, growing without schooling, and learning in freedom in and around the greater Cincinnati area.

CHERP Homeschool Group
This group serves as a communication link within the Southern Ohio Area. We have families representing Pike, Ross, Scioto, Jackson, Pikaway, Adams and Highland Counties. We keep all area homeschool families informed about the events and activities available in our area. We organize a few annual events, but serve mainly as a communication link between the area Co-op groups and support groups.

Cleveland Area Homeschoolers
Cleveland, Ohio area homeschoolers are invited to join this group for discusions, field trips, classes, curriculum, or any other topic you deem appropriate dealing with homeschool issues.

Cleveland, Ohio Area Homeschoolers
Cleveland, Ohio area homeschoolers are invited to join this group for discusions, field trips, classes, curriculum, or any other topic you deem appropriate dealing with homeschool issues.

Dayton Area Homeschoolers
The main idea: to share info, go on field trips, teach or participate in co-op classes in all subjects, support each other in whatever method of homeschooling we use. The main goal is to have fun learning with our children in the Dayton Ohio area.

Dayton Catholic Homeschool Network
The primary purpose of the Dayton Catholic Homeschool Network is to facilitate communication about events and other items of interest to the Dayton Catholic homeschool community.

Dayton Homeschool Swap-N-Share
Families in and around the Dayton, Ohio area are welcome to post their books and other homeschool related items for sale.

Delaware Area Support for Homeschooling
Delaware Area Support for Homeschooling (DASH) families is a support group for home educating families in the Delaware, Ohio area.

Fairhaven Homeschool Group
We are a group of Christian homeschooling families whose purpose is to meet the academic and spiritual needs of our children while meeting our own unique needs as homeschooling parents. Our families are located in and around the Centerville, Ohio area.

Fairlawn School at Home
This group is an online extension of the homeschool group that meets primarily in Fairlawn, but we also meet at other locations in the Akron area.

Firelands Homeschoolers
For homeschoolers in Erie, Huron, and the surrounding counties in Ohio.

This list serve is for the convenience of our members whose postings include: questions, information sharing and soliciting, classes, field trips and other subjects beneficial to the homeschool community. Our members come from Geauga County and adjacent NE Ohio communities.

Girl Scout Troop 10587
Girl Scout Troop 10587 is a multi-level Girl Scout troop (Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors) for homeschoolers in the Toledo (Ohio) area.

Greater Cincinnati Home Schoolers
This site is for Home Schoolers and those interested in learning in general in Cincinnati and surrounding areas.

H.E.A.R.T. Homeschool Group
The H.E.A.R.T. Homeschool Group (Home Educating at the Right Time) is a Christian-based home school support group with members in Hudson, Twinsburg, Aurora, Stow, and surrounding areas in Ohio.

Hearts of Ohio Home Educators
This is a private group for Christian Home Educating Families who wish to connect with others located in the heart of Ohio (NE Ohio). Field trips, Co-ops, Classes, Get-togethers, Chats, Playdates, Learning Parties, and more!

Homeschool EAGLE
This group is for the students and parents involved in EAGLE - Education and Group Learning Enrichment. EAGLE's goal is to provide all homeschooled children with the opportunity to participate with others in group settings, thereby taking advantage of each other's strengths and experiences.

Homeschoolers for Life
This is a networking list for pro-life home educators in the Central Ohio area. It was created to gather homeschooling families to help end abortion right in our own neighborhoods. You say you always wanted to do more - this is the place to help you do just that.

Homeschooling Families
Please join our e-mail loop as this will keep you connected with events and announcements in Central Ohio and East Columbus.

Homeschooling In Marysville, HIM
Homeschooling in Marysville [HIM] is a Christian homeschool support group and co-op serving Marysville, Ohio and Union County.

Homeschool Teens and Tweens
An inclusive group for parents of teen (13+) and tween (10-12) home-educated and home-schooled kids, and their families, in Northeast Ohio to support, network, have field trips, and create socialization opportunities.

John Paul the Great Home Educators
John Paul the Great Home Educators is a Catholic Home School Group serving Dayton, Ohio and surrounding areas. Our members belong to Catholic Parishes all over the surrounding area.

Johnstown Homeschoolers
This is a networking list for home educators in Johnstown, Ohio and the surrounding area, including Newark, Granville, Pataskala, Lancaster, Baltimore, and eastern Franklin County. This group includes all grade levels, from preschool through high school.

Knox Inclusive Home School Support - Ohio
This support group is primarily for home educators or those who are interested in home education options in the community of Knox County in Mount Vernon, Ohio.

Lake County Homeschoolers
Networking homeschoolers in and around Lake County, Ohio including Geauga, Cuyahoga and other NE Ohio counties.

Licking County Catholic Homeschoolers
LCCH is a Catholic Homeschool group serving families in Licking County, Ohio. This group is open to anyone who homeschools or is considering homeschooling, and would like to be involved in events occurring in Licking County.

Miami Valley Homeschoolers
This is a the group for Dayton, Springboro, West Carrollton, Kettering, and Miamisburg area homeschoolers and unschoolers. We will chat, exchange activities in the area, encourage each other in homeschooling/unschooling.

Mid-Ohio Secular Homeschoolers
This group is created to provide homeschoolers/home educators who are not affiliated with any particular religious group a resource/discussion list to connect and provide educational opportunities for their children.

North Columbus Homeschoolers
This group is for everyone enrolled in OHVA in Columbus Ohio area, primarily in the North Columbus area. This site is mainly to post outings, network and meet other homeschool parents and let our children (preschool-8th grade) involve and socialize in a friendly, non-competitive environment and create friendship along the way!

NorthEast Ohio Christian Home Educators
We are an interdenominational homeschool communications group that is committed to connecting Christian homeschooling families together for support and encouragement in North East Ohio.

Northeast Ohio Home School Connection, NEOHSC
NEOHSC (North East Ohio Home School Connection) is a secular home schooling support group. We welcome all home schoolers including traditional, on-line, eclectic, and unschoolers. The group's purpose is to help home schoolers find like-minded friends and plan children's activities, mom's nights, and family events.

North Coast Family Educators
We are an inclusive and secular group of open-minded family educators, who live in the general area of Lorain, Erie, & Huron counties in Ohio. We welcome any style of home education (unschool, e-school, traditional, eclectic), any curriculum choice, any religious (or non-religious) background, and any family type.

Northern Ohio Unschoolers
The purpose of this group is to have a place where Unschooling families in Northern Ohio can find a local unschooling community and plan activities, field trips, park days, learning opportunities, etc... Or if you just need another unschooling family to talk with, this is the place.

Ohio Homeschool
This is a mailing list for people who homeschool or are thinking of homeschooling in the state of Ohio.

Ohio Homeschoolers
OHS is a networking list for home educators in the state of Ohio. We are open to all. We support a wide variety of home education styles and the thousands of reasons to homeschool.

Ohio Homeschool Group Leaders
This is a support list for all OHIO HOMESCHOOL GROUP LEADERS, regardless of religious beliefs or homeschooling philosophies. If you would like to give or receive input, ideas and support from other OHIO Homeschool Leaders, then you've found the right list!

Ohio Latter-day HomeSchool
The Ohio Later-day HomeSchool list is designed to bring Ohio LDS Homeschoolers together. We welcome other homeschool families but our focus is on the needs of the Latter-day Saint.

Opus Domini
Opus Domini, Works of the Lord, is a Catholic Home School Group serving Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas. Our members belong to Catholic Parishes all over the surrounding Columbus area.

Our Lady's Mantle
We are a Catholic homeschooling group serving Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding suburbs. Our goals for this group are to develop relationships between families, support the Church, and to build our community. We welcome Catholic families of all ages to join us.

Perry County Homeschoolers
Our mission is to enrich the homeschooling experience of Perry County, Ohio-area families, and to serve as a resource to those considering homeschooling.

Radical Homeschoolers of Ohio
A secular homeschooling group for those of us who are just starting to homeschool and who need a free thinking group with attachment parenting tendencies.

Southern Ohio Homeschoolers
SouthernOhioHomeschoolers is a group (for those who homeschool only)where we can post events and activities that would be of interest to homeschoolers.

St. Raphael Hamilton Area Homeschoolers
We are a site where Catholic homeschooling families in the Hamilton, Ohio/Butler County area can congregate to uplift and encourage each other. This group's primary purpose is to facilitate communication about events and other items of interest to the Hamilton/Butler County, Ohio, area Catholic homeschool community.

Sunbury Home Educators
This is a Christ-centered home school group which welcomes all home-schooling families for encouragement and support in Sunbury, Ohio.

Toledo Area Homeschoolers
LEAD's (Leading Education And Discover) goal is to bring together a diverse group of families who are committed to providing an educational environment that is safe and nurturing, so our children can grow and learn together. The purpose of LEAD is to bring together others like us to do group field trips and other events.

Tuscarawas County Homeschoolers
This group is open to home educators in and around Tuscarawas Co., Ohio. Our goal is to be a resource for the local home education community, organize activities, share information, and discover each other-our most amazing resource!

Unschoolers Gathering of Ohio
The UGO gatherings are for unschoolly families to simply have fun, relax and share time with other families who follow a more child-led, interest based, whole life learning, relaxed, non-traditional homeschooling approach.

Unschoolers Network of Ohio
The mission of this group is to promote and support unschooling, AKA natural learning, interest led learning, child led learning. Join in discussion about the unschooling lifestyle, how to succeed within Ohio regulations, and basically anything that relates to learning by living life.

Unschoolers Waterpark Gatherings
This group is for the discussion, promotion and registration of the Unschooler's Waterpark Gatherings.

Waves of Mercy Christian Co-op
Waves of Mercy is a Christian homeschool co-op that provides weekly classes and a monthly field trip. We meet at Christian Life Center near Dayton, Ohio on the first 3 Thursdays beginning in September and ending in April. We meet the last Friday of the month for a field trip.

Youngstown Ohio Homeschoolers
This is an inclusive support group for all branches of homeschooling. Our group is made up of families with children of all ages from Youngstown and surrounding areas!

Christian Family School
9735 Valley View Rd.
Macedonia, Ohio 44056
Christian Family School, A Homeschool Alternative. CFS is a daily classroom homeschool co-op, meeting in Macedonia, Ohio.

Ohio Virtual Academy
1655 Holland Road, Suite F
Maumee, OH 43537
Phone: 866.339.9072
Fax: 419.482.0954
The Ohio Virtual Academy uses the K¹² curriculum to offer Ohio students in grades K-12 an exceptional learning experience. With individualized learning approaches, the Ohio Virtual Academy and K¹² provide the tools kids need to succeed—in school and beyond.

Theater & Art Classes at Solon Center for the Arts
Solon Center for the Arts
5315 SOM Center Rd.
Solon, OH 44139
Phone: 440.337.1400
Fax: 440.337.1404
SCA is excited to offer this unique and educational experience to all non-traditional students. Home school Theater classes provide a nurturing and comfortable environment in which students can experience the magic of theater while socializing with their peers. Theater basics will be taught through games, improvisation and creative script collaboration.

Veritas Academy
6200 Linworth Rd.
Worthington, OH 43085
Phone: 614-885-2810
Veritas Academy seeks to provide a classical and Christian education for homeschooled students. The curriculum as a whole is rigorous and stresses literary excellence along with sound reasoning in the Biblical and Western tradition. We provide students an intellectual challenge that will prepare them to both proclaim and defend the faith. Serving Central Ohio's Homeschool Community.

If you would like your group or organization listed here, please email me with your info and I'll add it in.