Peeps Experiment 2005

In light of a recent discussion on our state homeschooling email list about the Peeps experiment here - - the kids and I decided to conduct our own different kind of experiment. We were all fresh out of harmful chemicals, so because necessity is the mother of invention, we decided to use regular household products.

We checked on our subjects every 15 minutes, and left them soaking for a total of 2 hours. Here's what we found:

Household Product: Oxyclean
Result: Had almost no effect on Mr. Peep except to remove some of the coloring.

Household Product: All Laundry Soap, Liguid
Result: Our laundry detergent dissolved Mr. Peep at a steady rate for the whole 2 hours. There wasn't very much left of him at the end.

Household Product: Borax
Result: This also did a fair amount of damage. Mr. Peep was about half gone at the end of 2 hours.

Household Product: Ammonia
Result: This did nothing but remove the pink coloring. Mr. Peep's body though was unharmed.

Household Product: Zep Carpet Cleaner
Result: Like the Ammonia, ZEP only removed the coloring leaving Mr. Peep totally unharmed.

Household Product: CLR
Result: This slowly broke down Mr. Peep over the 2 hour course. I would say about a third of his body mass was dissolved.

Final Notes: Just like the experiment at the link above, in every case, Mr. Peeps eyes were not broken down at all! You can see in some of the pictures the eerie eyes staring up at you!!

So, that's our contribution to the mystery of the Peeps!!!