Homeschooling in West Virginia

Christian Home Educators of West Virginia (CHEWV)
We seek - to further the interests of all parents who choose to educate their own children at home by all lawful means; to support home schooling families through practical service; and to promote home schooling as a valuable means to strengthen families, as well as an environment that facilitates discipleship of children in the Christian faith.

Home Heartline
This site is dedicated to encouraging and informing new Christian home educators, especially those in Wood County, West Virginia and the surrounding Ohio Valley.

Jefferson County Christian HomeSchoolers
Home of the Jefferson County Christian HomeSchoolers.

Monongalia Homeschoolers Association
Email: Janine Breyel
Email: Kim Jacks
We are an organization of homeschooling families in Monongalia County, West Virginia, and surrounding areas. We are dedicated to serving the needs of homeschoolers in our area, and providing information to all those interested in homeschooling.

Morgan County Homeschoolers Page
Morgan County Homeschoolers come in many different shapes and sizes. This page is for everyone, regardless of reasons for homeschooling, religious affiliation or homeschooling style.

Parkersburg Area Teaching Homes (PATH)
Email: Sue Bogdan
WE HOPE TO: 1. INSPIRE each other with a vision for our families... 2. INSTRUCT our members through group meetings and outside speakers... 3. WELCOME both newcomers and experienced homeschoolers... 4. COMMUNICATE issues important to homeschoolers to the group...

Ritchie County Home Educators (RCHE)
RCHE was started in 2002 by local home schooling parents. Our goal is to gather home schooling families together in a Christian environment.

Ultimately Homeschooling
Logan County, WV.

West Virginia Home Educators Association (WVHEA)
The West Virginia Home Educators Association was founded in 1986 to assist homeschooling families. WVHEA is open to everyone, regardless of religion, personal beliefs, or educational philosophy. It is a nonprofit organization run by volunteers homeschooling parents who fit their work for WVHEA around the needs of their families.

Wood County Christian Homeschoolers (WCCH)
WCCH is a group of home schooling families that have joined together to support and encourage one another in our God given ministry of teaching our children at home. This group is open to anyone who is presently home schooling or is interested in learning more about it.

Appalachian Regional Cooperative (ARC)
Appalachian Regional Cooperative is an inclusive group of homeschoolers in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. We welcome anyone interested in group activities for all ages. The group is open to all homeschooling philosophies, including self-directed and unschooling. We encourage everyone to plan an activity that is open to group members.

Christian Homeschoolers of Jackson Co WV
We are a support group for Christian families in Jackson County West Virginia and the surrounding area who have chosen to homeschool their children. Christian Home Educators of Jackson County West Virginia has been a ministering group in the area since September of 1997. This is a support group where members work together to encourage one another in the education of their children as God directs.

FREE Buckhannon WV Homeschool Group
Homeschool group in Buckhannon West Virginia.

Greenbrier Home School Dream Team
Please join us, the 'Greenbrier Home School Dream Team' which is a yahoo email discussion group with members from Greenbrier/Monroe/Summers/Pocchontas counties in the south east West Virginia area, to cultivate home education ideas. Lets plant the seeds of education that we, as a community can grow together. We discuss our dreams, ideas, and educational intentions in this co-created safe email group environment.

Home Educators Local Learning Organization (HELLO)
HELLO or Home Educators Local Learning Organization is an inclusive homeschoolers group for Clarke, Frederick, Warren, Shenandoah and western Loudoun counties in Virginia, as well as Jefferson County West Virginia. It is for families who wish to connect and share information with other homeschooling families in the area irrespective of educational methods, belief systems, or political affiliation.

HomeschoolShare of Wood County, WV
This is a group for Wood County,WV and Surrounding area homeschoolers interested in sharing, borrowing, swapping, or selling homeschool curricula, books, educational software, videos, equipment, science kits, kids' sports equipment, other homeschool-related items AND other items, such as clothes, toys, games, ETC.

Jackson County WV HomeSchoolers
This group is for all homeschoolers in Jackson County, West Virginia. All field trips, news or questions can be posted here. Anything to do with homeschooling in our county or surrounding counties. This is not a group you have to join, it is for ALL homeschoolers in Jackson County or those surrounding counties.

National Christian School Athletic Association (NCSAA)
The National Christian School Athletic Association assists homeschooling families nationally who are seeking an opportunity for their children to participate in athletics. This is NCSAA's Homeschool Athletic News and Help Group for families in the state of West Virginia. The most significant benefit of being a part of this group is the opportunity to interact with other homeschooling families from West Virginia who have an interest in athletics -- to ask questions, receive assistance and encouragement, and provide information and support for other families.

Raleigh Educational Association of Christian Homeschoolers (R.E.A.C.H)
This is a group for homeschoolers in Raleigh County WV and the surrounding areas.

S*A*L*T Group
S*A*L*T is a Homeschool Group, that meets once a week in Jane Lew WV. We are a bunch of families that come from many counties to bring our kids together, to play games, learn from each other and have fun.

Society of Home-learners for Independent and Natural Education (SHINE)
SHINE (Society of Home-learners for Independent and Natural Education) is a collection of families that have chosen a lifestyle outside of school. We are an open door for current and potential home-educators, regardless of religious conviction or method of "schooling." SHINE serves families in the Parkersburg-Marietta area of the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Southern West Virginia Homeschoolers (SWVH)
This is an inclusive support group for homeschooling families in the southern counties of West Virgina, particularly Fayette, Nicholas and Raleigh. Members are accepted regardless of their personal beliefs. If you are a homeschooler who is interested in forming friendships with other homeschoolers in the area, and would like to join us for park days, field trips, and other gatherings, then this is the place for you.

Teachers Family Homeschooling Activities
This groups exists to create an online forum to share resources, activities, ideas, and support among the homeschooling community to include the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan area, Hampton Roads (Tidewater) Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania. Our geography lends itself to an amazingly wide array of fantastic and unique experiences for our children to expand their learning. We currently have members from many states to include: Virginia, Washington DC, North Carolina, West Virginia, Maryland counties, Baltimore City, Pennsylvania,and Delaware.

Also known as "Welcoming Hearts Christian Homeschoolers". This group is for Christian Homeschoolers in the Jefferson County, Carroll County, Columbiana County, OH areas and also surrounding areas including Hancock County in WV and Brooke County in WV and Beaver County, PA also anyone in the surrounding areas is welcome!

West Virginia Home Educators Association (WVHEA)
This is an information system for postings of immediate importance regarding updates or changes of meetings, plans, or events on behalf of the WVHEA. Everyone is welcome.

West Virginia Home Educators Association Announcement List (WVHEA)
This is the official West Virginia Home Educator's Association announce group for testing, workshops, special updates, news, headlines, invitations and various other postings.

West Virginia Home School
This is a mailing list for people who home schooling or are thinking of homeschooling in West Virginia. Kids and Parents alike! Here you can exchange ideas! support each other! give links for school stuff! just talk including, scripture, God, church, parents, kids, home cleaning, lessons and curriculum, on-line courses, and web sites.

West Virginia Home School Group
A homeschool group for anyone who lives, home schools, or wants to learn about homeschooling in West Virginia.

West Virginia Home Schoolers (WVHS)
This is a support group for homeschoolers in West Virginia. We offer information, ideas, a place to rejoice or to vent, and a shoulder to support your head and catch your tears when necessary... all for the low low price of FREE! All we ask is that you join in and share with us.

WV Homeschooled Teens
WV Home Schooled Teens is an email group for (obviously) teenagers who are currently home-schooling in the wonderful state of West Virginia. It is open to any teen who, like our kids, are frustrated with the long distance between others like themselves and would like some conversation, friendship, and interaction with those in the same boat.

WV Homeschooling Legislative List
A forum for discussing legislative topics that affect homeschoolers and homeschooling in WV, including news about media articles and programs, proposed legislation, research, and other information of interest to WV homeschoolers.

WV Special Education Topics
West Virginia Special Education and Early Intervention group, including those who homeschool.

WV Unschooling
A home school group for people who prefer to let their children explore their natural curiosities. Instead of saddling our kids with a set curriculum decided upon by a curriculum seller or school board, we let life lead the learning!

West Virginia Virtual School
1900 Kanawha Blvd East
Charleston, WV 25305
Phone: 304-957-9833 Ext. 53433
The West Virginia Virtual School was created by legislation on July 1, 2000 to offer high quality educational courses via Internet technology to students. State Board Policy 2450 was expanded October 18, 2000 to establish requirements for distance, online, and technology-delivered learning programs.

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